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Friday, November 13, 2015
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We had a great turnout at the 2014 conference. Mark your calendars for November 13, 2015 - the date of the 6th annual Enhancing Health with Plant-Based Nutrition. The rest of this web page contains information on the 2014 conference, including speaker presentation handouts - click here.
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2014 Conference Information

Enhancing Health with Plant-Based Nutrition is a golden opportunity for you to find out the latest information on plant-based diets with respect to clinical nutrition, the effects of diet on chronic disease prevention and control, and on designing an optimum plant-based diet. Interest in plant-based diets is growing, and Portland, Oregon has become a center for that developing interest. This is a professional conference, offering continuing education credits for many medical professionals, but others with strong interests in health and diet issues are welcome to attend.

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2014 Faculty:

Joel Fuhrman, MD

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, New York Times best-selling author and nutritional researcher who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. Dr. Fuhrman is an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows.

Work by Dr. Fuhrman shows that the physical and emotional effects of hunger can be a major impediment to successful weight loss, and that people on a standard diet experience hunger in a more unpleasant way when compared to people on a high-nutrient diet. It appears that a high nutrient density diet, after an initial phase of adjustment during which a person experiences �toxic hunger� due to withdrawal from pro-inflammatory foods, can result in a sustainable eating pattern that leads to weight loss and improved health.

Presentation Title: Combating Obesity and Treating Disease with a High Nutrient Dense Diet

Kent Thornburg, PhD

Kent Thornburg, Ph.D., director of the OHSU Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness, and professor of medicine at OHSU, is an internationally recognized leader in research on the developmental origins of health and disease. He has published more than 125 papers on pregnancy and fetal development. His studies show the vital connection between maternal diet, the quality of fetal growth and epigenetics � how adult onset diseases are �programmed� in the womb, and how vulnerabilities to disease can be passed from one generation to the next.

Presentation Title: Uncovering the Roots of Disease: Epigenetics and Diet.

Caroline Trapp, MSN, APN-BC, CDE, FAANP

Caroline Trapp is committed to changing the way diabetes is treated. Pills, injections, finger sticks, portion control, going hungry, carb-ophobia � there is a better way! Ms. Trapp is the diabetes nurse practitioner with Premier Internists of Southfield, Michigan, and the director of diabetes education and care for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Michigan School of Nursing. Ms. Trapp has been a certified diabetes educator since 1994 and an adult primary care NP specializing in the care of people with diabetes since 1998, and was recently honored to be inducted as a Fellow in the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Presentation Title: Type 2 Diabetes: How to Use "Farmacy" Over Pharmacy for Prevention and Treatment

Sharon Palmer, RD

Sharon Palmer is a registered dietitian with 16 years of health care experience, and the author of The Plant-Powered Diet: The Lifelong Eating Plan for Achieving Optimal Health.

Chronic inflammation is a condition now widely believe is a root of the chronic killer diseases of our time, including heart disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and neurodegenerative disease. According to growing evidence, diet and lifestyle can either create a pro-inflammatory environment or an anti-inflammatory one.

Presentation Title: The Plant-Based Prescription for Inflammation

Sara Love, N.D.
Wendy Abraham, N.D.

Drs. Love and Abraham are both graduates of the National College of Natural Medicine. Dr. Love has experience in Private Practice, most recently has been a Population Health Specialist at Providence Medical Group, and is just starting as the Policy Coordinator for CCO Oregon. Dr. Abraham is a board member and current Secretary of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians, has been a naturopathic physician at Natural Pain Solutions in Portland, OR for the past 10 years, and has been an instructor in the Food for Life program of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

The human intestines compose over 400 square meters of space and house trillions of bacteria critical for the body to function. Drs. Love and Abraham will investigate the different species of bacteria, their function and how to optimize the gut flora with a plant based diet for health and prevention of disease.

Presentation Title: The Gut Flora as a Forgotten Organ and How Plants Can Restore its Function

Hotel Accommodations

Need to book your hotel while attending the conference? For an excellent deal, contact our hotel partner, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, located just five blocks from the Oregon Convention Center. Call the DoubleTree Central Reservations toll-free at 800-996-0810 or local reservations department at 503-281-6111. The code to access group rate is �NVE�. Book online here (no code needed). Official deadline to receive the VegFest/Health Conference discounted rate is Tuesday August 26, or when the block of rooms sells out, whichever happens first.

Northwest VEG strives to ensure that our activities are fully accessible. To request a sign language interpreter or other accommodations, please contact KatyBeth at as early as possible so we may attempt to fulfill your request.