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Enhancing Health with Plant-Based Nutrition

Purpose and Objectives

Interest in plant-based diets is growing in the United States, and Portland, Oregon has become a leading city where that interest is developing. What are the health effects of moving to a plant-based diet, and what is needed to make that diet healthy? This conference will examine:

  • What are the links between diet and many of the chronic diseases that are the leading causes of deaths in the United States, such as coronary-vascular disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer?
  • Can moving to an appropriate plant-based diet help prevent the development of these diseases?
  • Can moving to an appropriate plant-based diet help treat and improve the outcome of patients who have already developed these diseases?
  • Not all plant-based diets are necessarily healthy. What is important in designing and having patients maintain a healthy plant-based diet?
  • What does the latest research in clinical nutrition show?

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