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Mentor Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in our Vegan Mentor Program, which provides valuable guidance to those making the transition to - or trying to stick with - a more compassionate diet. With your participation, this program will give people the extra help they need to become and remain vegetarian and vegan.

As a mentor, you will act as a resource, guiding folks as they navigate their grocery store aisles, decide what delicious dish to bring to their work potluck, figure out how to talk to their child’s teacher about their dietary requirements, and much more.

In this short document, you will find guidelines and expectations for the Vegan Mentor Program.

Making the transition to a plant-based diet is much easier with someone there to provide support and encouragement. We are so grateful for your willingness to lend that support - and we are confident the folk(s) you mentor will be too.

Why a vegan mentor program?

Many people aspire to be vegetarian or vegan but need support in making the transition. They may not know where to start in replacing animal foods in their diet and need help finding satisfying foods. Others are already vegan, but lack the support of their peers. They might not know anyone else who shares their concern for animals, and being able to talk to someone who does can go a long way in reassuring them that they are doing the right thing.

Mentor/Mentee matching process.

Mentees are matched to mentors based on several criteria, including goals and motivation, interest in athletics and cooking, and living situation.

Mentoring will include conversations over email or social media, and phone calls, but should also include some in-person meetings.

Once a match has been made, we will provide the mentor and mentee with an email introduction and each other’s contact information. We encourage matches to contact each other as soon as possible.

At times mentors and mentees might have different personalities or goals for the experience; this is perfectly acceptable and does not reflect negatively on either party. If at any point, either the mentor or mentee feels it is not a good match, they should contact us to ask for a change.

What is expected of me as a mentor?

Some mentees will want consistent communication, while others will want more occasional advice and guidance. Please discuss with your mentee what his/her expectations are.

There are times when mentees change their mind or are not fully engaged in the program. The mentee may have changed his/her mind about needing assistance, and this should not discourage you as a mentor. Simply let us know you need another mentee.

What is not expected of me as a mentor?

Only health professionals should provide medical advice. Giving people general nutrition recommendations, such as those found in the recommendations at and is great, but if someone needs specific nutrition advice, please tell them to contact a health professional.

If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Berlot at:

Thank You!

Please complete the form below to sign up as a vegan mentor.

How much do the following factors motivate you to be vegan?

What types of mentees you would feel comfortable mentoring? (choose as many as you would like).

Are you willing to mentor more than one person at a time? Mentoring will involve being available to answer questions in person, by phone, or by email, and to meet with your mentee in person at least a few times during the challenge. The time involved will vary depending on the particular mentee and mentor.

What is your age group?

Do you consider yourself an athlete?

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Do you enjoy cooking?

Which best describes your living situation?

Do you keep yourself informed about the nutritional/health concerns of vegans and apply these to your own diet?

How often do you eat out?

How significantly does expense influence your food purchasing decisions?

Where do you live?

Please tell us anything else about yourself that would be helpful in matching you better.

How would you respond to your mentee if he said, "I'm trying to stop eating dairy but all of the vegan milks I've tried have given me really bad stomach issues. What should I do?"

How would you respond to your mentee if she said, "I decided to go vegan and I'm getting a lot of negative reactions from friends and family. How should I respond to them?"