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Master VEG



MVP Presentations


Animal Issues
Ole Ole Ersson, M.D.

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Master VEG Presentations

Week 1: Vegan Nutrition. Alison Ozgur, R.D.
Week 2: Diet and Chronic Disease. Ole Ersson, M.D.
Week 3: Food Choices and the Environment. Peter Spendelow, Ph.D.
Food Policy. Don Merrick, Northwest VEG
Week 4: Animal Consciousness, and Fish and Fishing. Peter Spendelow, Ph.D.
Week 5: Animal Law and Animal Agriculture.
  • Animal Law. Kathy Hessler, Professor, Lewis & Clark Law School (presented in class only)
  • Impact of Animal Agriculture on Humans. Marsha Rakestraw, Certified Humane Educator
    References consulted for talk: Download content in pdf formatclick here to download

Week 6: Philosophy on the Rights of Animals. Ramona Ilea, Ph.D. Cooking demo by Food For Life instructor Kerri Zemko (presented in class only)

Week 7: Living Conditions for Farm Animals. Kim Thayer, Northwest VEG Vice President
(presentation to come)

Week 8: Communication and Vegan Living. Chelsea Davis, Northwest VEG Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator and Certified Humane Educator
  • Presentation Outline for Class 8 in Winter 2012 Download content in pdf format download here
  • Discussion on volunteering opportunities within Northwest VEG.

Field trip to Ayres Creek Farm.

From Earlier Master Vegetarian Program Classes:

Vegan Nutrition presented by Tammy Russel, RD
  • As presented to Class 9 on January 22, 2013 click here

Introduction by Peter Spendelow Cancer Project cooking demo by Margarita Castro
  • Recipe: Lentil Artichoke Stew as presented to Class 4 on April 14, 2009 Download content in pdf formatdownload 0.1 MB
Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare. Carrie Packwood Freeman, Ph.D. Candidate A Naturopath's View of Vegetarian Living. Susan Czeranko, N.D. Organic Standards and Organic Agriculture. John Caputo, Oregon Tilth