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Shopping at The Herbivore Clothing Store Adds Versatility to Vegan Lifestyle Choices

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November 29, 2010

Anne Kornfeld, Contributing Writer

Looking for more ways to match your buying power to your vegan lifestyle? The Herbivore Clothing Company located at 1211 SE Stark Street in Portland can be just the place to expand a shopping experience for customers who are new to veganism. According to the assistant manager, Michelle Schwegmann, the best things about the store are that, "people love to be 'Herbivores' both literally and in the sense that they love our style." It's something, she says, that makes the company very proud and makes it a fun experience overall. Business isn't boring, and it's often a resource that people are proud to affiliate with.

The store opened in 2002 and is located in a vegan mini mall on 12th and SE Stark. Besides carrying some of their best-selling vegan wallets and belts, they’ve successfully showcased the work of local authors and designers such as cookbook author Wendy Gabbe Day’s Scatter Vegan Sweets.

Schwegmann says, "We love, love, love having high quality, local authors and designers. There are no checks I enjoy writing more than the ones to my vegan screen printers, authors, artists and designers. Portland is a town that supports local like mad, and vegans in Portland are a sub-group that is even more wildly dedicated to supporting their own. It’s inspiring."

In the future, The Herbivore Clothing Store looks forward to bringing out a "cow hugger" hoodie, more message shirts including "Eating Meat is Fucking up the Planet," carrying shoes later this fall, and a book they are currently writing titled Eat Like You Give a Damn.

"Liking vegans who make you laugh or who you think are cool makes liking all vegans easier, so you create a better impression of all vegans that way," Schwegmann says.

The Herbivore Clothing Store is online at, on Twitter! @herbivorecc, and Facebook at The Herbivore Clothing Company.

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