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May 28, 2010

The Vegan Families in Portland and Vicinity Meetup Group is seeking more fabulous members. The group was created to provide a social network for vegan, or transitioning to vegan, families to connect. "It is a place for members to find like-minded friends for themselves and their children," says Ptolemy Runkel, one of the creative forces behind this Meetup Group. Meetup events have included potlucks, play dates, picnics, berry picking, and meeting at restaurants, OMSI, and other family-friendly destinations.

"Our Meetups provide a comfortable atmosphere for parents to chat with others who support their decision to raise their children vegan. And it's a great opportunity for kids to meet other vegan kids and see that, even if there may not be other vegan children in their neighborhood or at their school, they are not alone," says Ptolemy.

The Vegan Families in Portland and Vicinity Meetup Group is sponsored by Northwest VEG. The groupís events, however, are organized by members themselves. Each member is given the "event planner" status so he/she has the ability to plan Meetups and add notes about outside events to the calendar. Members can also participate in online discussions related to parenting, raising vegan children, helpful websites and local organizations. Information about group events and members is private, but once you join you have access. Membership is free!

This group is open to all types of families, including but not limited to: expectant parents, single parents, married, partnerships, unions, grandparents, and other caregivers of vegan children. "We also accept members who are not yet vegan but who are interested in transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and are looking for support in that goal," says Ptolemy. However, it is important to note that only vegan food is welcome to any shared-food events.

The group just had a fun play date at an indoor inflatable jumping facility and several potlucks and picnics will be scheduled during the summer. For more information, click on the Vegan Family Meetup link on the left-hand side of the Northwest VEG home page or go to

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