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Newsletter Archive
Outreach for Animals Week
July 27, 2010
Outreach for Animals Week is September 27 to October 1. Help us spread our message of compassion for animals! For this one week blitz, we need volunteers to distribute leaflets educating people about animal suffering on factory farms. Our goal is to reach as many college and high school campuses in the Portland metro area as possible and the benefits of a plant-based diet. Participants can even leaflet some high schools on their lunch break or college campuses in the evenings, so itís open to people with almost any schedule.

We will provide training, leaflets, and also have seasoned leafleters who can accompany you on your first leafleting. There will be prizes for most leaflets given out, most campuses leafleted, and most days or times leafleted. Each participant will also be entered into a drawing for additional prizes. Our spring outreach week was a great success, and with your help, we hope to reach many more schools in the area. Please contact Yvonne at yvonne.legrice@mac.com to sign up.

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