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A Positive Spin

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November 29, 2011

By Patti Spreen, Contributing Writer

"As I sit here, contemplating, wondering where my vegan journey will take me, I know that one idea, one thought, one decision, will have a ripple effect far beyond what my eye can see or my heart can feel.

I walk alone mostly.

I hope daily.

I know that my intentions and my actions are all that I have to define the example of who I need to be, most importantly for my children.

My children watch me far more than they listen.

My choice as a vegan is pure, simple, but most importantly, conscientious.

We are what we eat; food is our fuel. What grows from the ground and nourishes the earth also nourishes our bodies, minds, and, most importantly, our souls.

To eat with intent. For most, this is difficult to wrap their minds around. To be aware of the difference that one bite can make… I live through my physical actions and empathetic thoughts, in hope to make a difference in every life that has been guided to me or near me.

Walk on, eat on, live on. Knowing that with every bite, I am making a difference and saving a life, this is what will always keep me aware… But most importantly, AWAKE. Saving one life at a time from suffering is my absolute peace of mind.

I honor all who even make an attempt to contemplate outside of themselves.

My soul is yearning and wanting to make a grander difference. Perhaps the immediate won't be a reward that I’ll dance in, but knowing that my children understand the steps necessary to make a soft, slow difference is indeed sustenance enough for me.

Of course I crave more awareness outside of myself, my yearning desire for all humans to understand empathy to the fullest."

- Paul McCartney

To live by example, to be their saviors, to know their hearts.

We will slowly bring them what is deserved, a life of endearment, without suffering.

Knowing I make a decision every day to consciously live and be aware of other souls outside of the human soul is my piece of mind. My daily commitment is the positive spin.

A positive insight and mindset is contagious.

I chose to spread the word every opportunity that passes my way. I contemplate this often…

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