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VegFest/Health Conference Speaker Spotlight: Dr Mark Messina and Ginny Messina, RD

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August 4, 2012

By Trista Cornelius, Contributing Writer

Northwest VEG is excited that both Dr. Mark Messina and Ginny Messina, RD, will be speaking at this year's Portland VegFest on September 22&23 and at our Enhancing Health with Plant-Based Nutrition Health Conference on September 21.

Virginia Messina, RD is the co-author of Vegan for Life, and has co-authored a textbook on vegetarian nutrition for medical and nutrition professionals as well as the position paper of the American Dietetic Association on vegetarian diets. Ginny started eating a vegetarian diet at age 28 after earning her degree and reading Laurelís Kitchen, which helped her make the connection between her love for animals and the food on her plate. During her five-years with PCRM, she became vegan after learning about how eggs and dairy are produced. On her blog, she writes: ďToday, Iím first and foremost a vegan and animal liberation activist. My goals are to share solid information on how to be healthy as a vegan, as well as practical ideas and recipes that make ethical eating easy and realistic for everyone. Just as importantly, I draw on my background as an educator and public health expert to explore ways to further the cause of veganism and animal liberation.Ē
Health Conference Presentation Title: Issues in Planning Optimal Diets for Vegans
VegFest Presentation Title: The Seven Habits of Healthy Vegans

Mark Messina, PhD is a world-renown expert on soyfoods and their health impacts. As program director of the Diet and Cancer Branch of the National Institute of Health 1987-1992, he instituted a $2.9 million research program on the anti-cancer effects of soybeans. He has written more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific articles and book chapters, and has co-authored 3 books including The Dietitian's Guide to Vegetarian Diets and . He is now the Executive Director of the Soy Nutrition Institute and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition at Loma Linda University.

Dr. Messina has presented to both consumer and professional audiences in 44 countries on topics including soy and cancer risk, heart health, menopause and menís health. At home, Mark follows a vegan diet, believing that there are compelling reasons to eat that way from an ethical and environmental perspective.
Health Conference Presentation Title: Soyfoods and Health: Research Updates & Implications for Clinical Practice
VegFest Presentation Title: The Health Effects of Soyfoods and Soybean Isoflavones

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