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Wanna Save Lots of Animals? Then Leaflet!

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October 2, 2013

Nettie and Cobie are planning to leaflet Portland State on Wednesday, October 9, weather permitting. Please contact Nettie Rose if you're interested joining them.

By Nettie Schwager, Contributing Writer

Want to save lots of animals? Many more than you already save by being vegan? Consider leafleting!

Leafleting is an extremely effective way to help animals. In 1 hour you can save more animals than you will save with your personal actions for the rest of your life!

As vegans, we are not only saving lives but sparing animals from indescribable suffering. However, many of us are moved to try to help animals as much as we can. So what else can we do and more importantly how can we be effective?

Of all the animals killed in the US every year, 99% of them are killed to be eaten. So getting people to eat fewer animals is the way to save the most animals. A 5% reduction in consumption of animal products will save 5 times more animals than would be saved if every other form of animal abuse was eradicated! Think about it.

So how do we do this? I am sure that every single one of us has experienced frustration and discouragement trying to get friends and family to change. And many of us come to the conclusion that it doesn�t work, and it is not worth it to even try.

That is the brilliance and beauty of leafleting. It does work, it doesn't strain relationships and it is definitely worth it.

As leafleters, we reach large numbers of people and we target the population most likely to change - young people. We typically leaflet universities, concerts and festivals. Young people are the perfect population to receive the information. They are open to new ideas, are less set in their ways, and they have many more years ahead as consumers.

In 1 hour of leafleting, we can reach a hundred people or several hundred people depending on the location and probably create at least one new vegan and plant seeds in many others. Each new vegan doubles the number of animals that we save.

A recent study showed that a lot of students made changes to their diets after receiving a booklet: Click here to read more.

I usually give out 100-600 booklets each time I leaflet. Some leafleters give out a thousand or more in a day! Through leafleting, we can spread information to large numbers of people who might not get this information.

For years, I was passionate and dedicated to helping animals but I didn�t feel like I was accomplishing much. With leafleting, I know that I am accomplishing quite a bit. I see people reading the booklets, I get feedback and I know at the end of a day of leafleting that those booklets have been read, taken home, discussed, shared with others and have had an impact.

I hope you will consider this excellent form of outreach. The more people who are reached the more change is spread. You can be the voice for the voiceless and stand up for the most vulnerable and abused beings on earth. How great is that!!!!

If you have questions or are interested, please get in touch. My leafleting partner and I would be happy to answer your questions or leaflet with you.

Nettie Schwager,
(leafleting partner Cobie can be reached at
P.S. Click here to learn more about effective leafleting and advocacy.

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