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Northwest VEG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Portland, OR that works to educate and encourage people to make vegan choices for a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate world.
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Welcome Tara, our new Volunteer Coordinator and Event Planning Assistant!

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August 1, 2016

Northwest VEG is thrilled to have Tara Hathaway join our team. We hope to see you at the Portland Potluck on September 18 for our Meet the Staff night. The potluck begins at 5:00pm, with a relaxed staff introduction beginning at 6:30pm. Friends Meeting Hall, 4312 SE Stark St., Portland.

From Tara:
Love, compassion, animal rights, social justice, environmentalism, sustainability, the future, life, health, respect, activism are all important issues I’m passionate about and why I’m so excited to be part of the NW VEG team. At the age of ten, I proclaimed to my meat eating parents, "I'm not eating meat anymore!" I hadn't seen any documentary for inspiration I just instinctively felt that eating meat felt wrong and I knew that meat came from the animals that I loved. So for 25 years I was vegetarian. Even though I was vegetarian, I was naive to the practices of the dairy and egg industries. I consumed dairy and eggs every single day. Not only did that add to my weight but I was always feeling like I was fighting off a cold or actually becoming ill. Over a year ago I started doing research on veganism. At first I decided to go vegan for health reasons and went vegan overnight, no transition. On April 6, 2015 I woke up vegan. During the first month of being vegan I began to feel clean inside, healthy, connected, balanced and vibrant. What I didn't expect was a spiritual awakening I felt with the animals, plants and life around me. It was the greatest gift I could have ever asked for. Being vegan and discovering veganism changed my life and I would like the opportunity to help change the lives of human and animal alike.

Other passions of mine include KMUZ Community radio. I’ve been involved with community radio since 2011 and host a live weekly radio show called, “More Accordion!” What I love about community radio is it gives a voice to those not represented by commercial media by offering local residents the opportunity to express their passions by hosting music and public affairs programs. I decided to host “More Accordion!” because being an accordionist, I want to educate listeners that accordion music isn’t just Weird Al and polka music (although I do like both). Accordions squeeze their way through all genres of music from local musicians to music around the world and it gives the listener the opportunity to think outside the squeezebox. Also in 2011, I went to clown school through the Rose Festival Character Clown Corps under the tutelage of the Rose Festival Clown Prince Angel Ocasio and got my diploma in Buffoonery. I enjoy bringing love and laughter to people of all ages. I think it’s important to try new experiences and learn a fresh skill no matter what your age or occupation. “I will not allow myself to be paralyzed by what I can’t do, but inspired by what I can do.” -Erwin Raphael McManus

I look forward to connecting with you. You can reach me at: See you at VegFest!

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