Northwest Veg
July/August 2009
Vol. 37
"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
—Albert Einstein

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» Portland's VegFest is up for a Veggie Award!
» VegFest is Fresher in '09
» Succession Planting: Eating Green (and Purple)
» Iodine Essential for Breast Health, Cancer Prevention
» The Ethics of Eating: Consider the Farm Workers
» Chickens don't want to be eaten: An open letter to Marion Nestlé
» Recipe of the Month: Tahini or peanut salad dressing
» Volunteer Spotlight: Charley Korns
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Portland's VegFest is up for a Veggie Award!
Every year VegNews Magazine has an ever-expanding competition of all things veg for people to click on and vote for their favorites. This year Portland's VegFest is up for "Favorite Veg Event," and many other local restaurants, businesses and products are also up for awards.
To entice you to cast a vote, other than showing your support for Portland's veg community, every voter has a chance to win fun and fabulous prize packages, including a Tropical Vacation Getaway. Polls are open now and close July 31 at midnight. Cast your vote HERE.

Winners will be announced in the November+December "Best of Vegetarian" holiday edition* of VegNews. America's premier vegetarian lifestyle magazine, VegNews is read by 195,000 people in 38 countries and has premium newsstand distribution across North America.

*All Northwest VEG members at the $35 level of membership or greater receive a VegNews Magazine subscription as part of their Northwest VEG membership. To become a Northwest VEG member online or to download a membership form, visit:

VegFest is Fresher in '09
VegFest (September 19) will feature a greater variety of fresh food this year, with an expanded restaurant section available for both lunch and dinner, as well as in between. VegFest
The following establishments are providing additional support to VegFest as Silver Sponsors. Enjoy your summer dining experiences there!

Proper Eats, sponsoring for the third straight year, has both a café and market featuring local organic produce. The menu is internationally influenced and includes raw offerings. Check out the live music on weekends at

Papa G's Vegan Organic Deli, also sponsoring for the third straight year, is exactly what its name implies: 100 percent vegan and 100 percent organic. It is so committed to sustainability that everything is either recyclable or compostable— no trash cans needed. See their newly expanded menu at


Succession Planting: Eating Green (and Purple)
By Jill Schatz, NW VEG Membership Coordinator

July is looming, and hopefully all our veggie gardens are delighting in a warm spell—especially the heat-loving melon starts I've held back until now to plant. But aside from basking in summer's abundance and the harvest of my first zucchini, I'm also still firmly rooted among the gardening decisions I made last winter, while simultaneously strategizing for the coming fall and winter.

Chard I'm contemplating all the soon-to-be-open ground as I pull out the overwintered chard, the corn salad left to self-sow, and the last of the spinach and early lettuce. More space will open up later in July and then August with the harvest of the overwintered garlic, the spring carrots and peas, storage onions and a miscellany of other edibles.

Iodine Essential for Breast Health, Cancer Prevention
By Tammy Russell, R.D., Contributing Writer

As vegetarians and vegans, we may be continually pondering our nutritional intake and associating it with our current state of wellness. We share the burden of new "epidemics" such as vitamin D deficiency and gluten intolerance with the rest of the population.

With all of the recent fuss over hypothyroidism, it is time to take a closer look at iodine. Iodine has long been known for its role as an essential component of thyroid hormones. Beyond this, however, research now shows the benefits of iodine in maintaining the integrity of the mammary gland and strengthening the immune system; it also has anti-tumor properties and participates in detoxification (1).


The Ethics of Eating: Consider the Farm Workers
By Eric Haas, Contributing Writer

On a recent Saturday, I took a trip out to rural Oregon with about 20 other "Slow Food" members. We woke early and drove through the dreary morning rain, leaving behind the streets of Portland for the vast agricultural fields of nearby Marion County. We were seeking the origins of our food.

I helped to organize the event, which was billed as an opportunity to "Share a Meal with the People Who Feed Us." The idea was to meet with immigrant farm workers and to compare the different places they live – in housing provided by their employers, or by a local nonprofit, the "Farmworker Housing Development Corporation" (FHDC). FHDC staff agreed to take us on a tour of the farms and their development in Woodburn, after which we would share a potluck lunch with the residents there.

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