Northwest Veg
October 2010
Vol. 50
"Many things made me become a vegetarian, among them, the higher food yield as a solution to world hunger."
-- John Denver

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» Diverse Veg Community Keeps NW VEG Dynamic
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» The New World Veg Tribe
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VegFest 2010 Rocks the Weekend with over 4,800 Attendees

There's no doubt about it, Portland VegFest 2010 was a tremendous success! More than 4,800 people flooded through the VegFest doors on Saturday and Sunday and enjoyed hundreds of samples of delicious food, shopped with our veg-savvy exhibitors, attended cooking demos, and listened to inspiring talks by Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Milton Mills, Brenda Davis RD, Chef Tal Ronnen, and so many more!

"It was truly a wonderful weekend," says VegFest Coordinator, Wendy Gabbe Day. "Our sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers and featured speakers really made the weekend shine." And shine it did. VegFest was a huge success thanks to the support from our generous sponsors, 100+ amazing exhibitors, and the 4,800 folks who discovered and celebrated the wonderful benefits of plant-based food.

We also want to give a shout out to all of our dedicated volunteers. "Sending out a big THANK YOU to all the VegFest volunteers!" says Anne Goldfeld, NW VEG Volunteer Coordinator. "More than 250 volunteers contributed over 1,100 hours of time during VegFest, not counting the many volunteer hours that went into planning the event. Truly, we could not have done it without you!"

Already excited about VegFest 2011? So are we! We'll be back at the Oregon Convention Center, September 17 and 18, 2011. Are you interested in becoming a member of NW VEG and supporting the work we do? Please click here. Thanks for your continued support!


Diverse Veg Community Keeps NW VEG Dynamic

Northwest VEG enthusiastically reaches out to everyone, extolling the benefits of plant-based culture to all life on earth, including the earth itself. Perhaps a massive endeavor, but we accomplish it with the support of our members, volunteers and Business Partners. This month we welcome four new partners to our midst: vegan Steve Cohn of Portland Couples Counseling Center, who helps keep our marriages healthy; Living Harvest, a local-based company that provides us with a wealth of nutritious and tasty hemp foods; a natural for us, VegNews magazine, which brings us all the latest news and fun happenings in our veggie world and New World Veg, a start-up company developing a directory connecting veg consumers with veg business owners. Please support these and the rest of our NW VEG Business Partners, found at


NW VEG News and Event Bites

This month's dine out will be at Bye and Bye located at 1011 NE Alberta on Sunday, October 10, at 12:30 p.m. According to dine-out coordinator Cat Monroy, "Several of you have suggested this and I think it's high time we attend to this unique little eatery/bar!" Let Cat know if you're interested so she can get a head count, but know that we'll try to get several tables of NW VEG peeps and friends scattered throughout. "This is not your typical restaurant. But if we get there for an early lunch, we'll probably fill the place!" adds Cat. Contact Cat at if you'd like to attend.

Northwest VEG is pleased to welcome back 2008 VegFest speaker and long-time farm animal campaigner Paul Shapiro, speaking Sunday, October 17, at the Northwest VEG Portland potluck. Paul will discuss some of the progress being made to combat factory farming and what we can do to continue moving the ball forward for farm animals. Paul is the Senior Director of the End Factory Farming campaign of the Humane Society of the United States. The potluck and talk will be at the West Hills Universal Unitarian Fellowship, 8470 SW Oleson Rd., Portland. The potluck starts at 5 p.m., and Paul's talk begins at about 6:30 p.m. You can come just to the talk, or just to the potluck, or both. As a reminder, Northwest VEG potlucks are 100% plant-based; so no dairy, egg, or honey, please.

Speaking of food-related events, it's almost time for the annual NW VEG Compassionate Thanksgiving Celebration being held Sunday, November 21. The venue is yet to be decided, but go ahead and mark your calendars and get ready to RSVP because this event always fills up fast. Stay tuned for more details! If you are interested in helping us plan this event (or volunteer day-of), please contact

If you are looking for a Thanksgiving day event, join in the fun at the 2nd annual Portland Vegan Thanksgiving Community Dinner. Volunteers are needed to help bring this delicious and free event to fruition on November 25th. Attend the planning meeting on Saturday, October 9th, 1pm at Bay Leaf Restaurant to learn more. Or visit, call 503-777-2337, or e-mail

And if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out this link to a CNN interview by Wolf Blitzer with former president Bill Clinton, in which Clinton explains why he has moved to a nearly 100% plant-based diet.

NW VEG Star Volunteer Publishes Yummy Cookbook

Wendy Gabbe Day, NW Veg volunteer extraordinaire, has recently published her first-ever cookbook titled Scatter Vegan Sweets. This cookbook features over 85 whole-food, low-fat and gluten-free recipes that will satisfy any sweet tooth. From scones, cookies, brownies, waffles and muffins to fig bars, pies, granola bars and smoothies, there's a delicious recipe to be found for every day (or meal!) of the week. There's also a section of frostings and mousses to create just the perfect topping for your sweet treats. We recently caught up with Wendy to find out just what went into the making of this festive, healthy and tasty cookbook.


The New World Veg Tribe

What happens when you get a brilliant idea aimed at connecting all the vegheads in the U.S.? You go for it! And that is exactly what Portland-based Barnet and Tara Love are doing. It all began with a question: "Wouldn't it be cool to find all the raw, vegetarian and vegan business owners in our neighborhood?"

The pair figured that there was a higher likelihood that their dollars would go to supporting the kinds of philosophies they resonated with when they patronized a veg business owner. "This way, when we (for example) spend $1,000 on braces for our kids with a vegan orthodontist, we'll know that none of our hard-earned money will be used to put a steak on someone's table," says Barnet. "This idea appealed to us."

In fact, it was so attractive to them that once they got the idea, they've been working on it around the clock. And they won't stop where their neighborhood boundaries end--the Loves plan to reach the entire U.S. veg community.


An Interview with Vegan Cookbook Author Diana Stobo

Diana Stobo is a health food expert who lives in Northern California. A classically trained chef, she turned to raw foods 10 years ago to heal chronic pain, lose weight, and feel better. Her transformation began with a list of prohibited foods which included the removal of dairy, wheat, sugar, meat, caffeine, and alcohol from her diet. This year, she published a recipe book titled Get Naked Fast. To Diana, "getting naked" means stripping down and simplifying the nourishment you put in your body. Her "naked" diet includes raw food but has flexibility.


Zombies Book Launch

Local vegan author David Agranoff recently released his novel The Vegan Revolution with Zombies. What on earth does that entail you might ask? A miracle drug is invented that makes it impossible for animals to feel any pain, allowing meat eaters to enjoy their bacon-guilt-free. However, not all is as great as it seems for those who imbibe, because once the drug enters the food supply, anybody who eats it turns into a zombie. The vegans are the only ones left that can fight the zombie hordes and save the world.

View the funny book trailer by clicking here.

Reflections on another Fantastic VegFest

The first VegFest I attended took place in a church basement. Howard Lyman (aka the Mad Cowboy) was a guest speaker, and Dave himself of Dave's Killer Bread offered slices of bread if you were brave enough to approach the muscle-bound baker.

This year, dozens of astute and accomplished guests spoke or demonstrated veg cooking techniques. Dave of Dave's Killer Bread sent a half-dozen staff to serve generous slices of bread through neatly organized plastic shelves.

Things have grown in the veg world.


Recipe of the Month: Chocolate Cookie Pies

These cookie pies were inspired by their close relative, the Whoopie Pie! But these cookie pies have strayed from the family - they are low in fat and low in sugar, too. (And still oh so delicious!) And they are loaded with nutrient-rich garbanzo bean flour and oat flour.

Cookie Ingredients:
  • 1 1/2 cups oat flour
  • 2/3 cup garbanzo bean flour
  • 1/2 cup dehydrated cane juice (or other dry sugar)
  • 1/3 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup non-dairy chocolate chips
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup almonds (or other nuts)
  • 2 apples (cored and chopped)
  • 1 cup non-dairy milk or water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

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