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Northwest Veg
Vol. 84
When we consume whole, organic plant foods, we make the best possible choice for our own personal health.
--Brenda Davis, RD

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» NW VEG Events
» NW VEG's 9th Annual Portland VegFest!
» Featured Dietitians at Upcoming Professional Health Conference
» The Paleo Diet Is Uncivilized (And Unhealthy and Untrue)
» New Dietary Guidelines for Brain Health
» VegFest Speaker Spotlight: Chef AJ
» Interview with Victoria Moran
» Community Events
» Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Brokken
» Raw Chocolate Mousse Torte with Raspberry Coulis
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NW VEG Events

Seth Tibbott Tofurky Westside Portland Potluck
When: Sunday, August 18, 5-8pm
Where: West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (8470 SW Oleson Rd., Portland)
Details: We are excited to announce that Seth Tibbott, founder and president of Turtle Island Foods (maker of Tofurky), will be joining us for a tempeh making demo and presentation on how his company has grown to be one of the leading companies in meat alternatives! Seth will also be giving away a few pairs of tickets to the Tofurky Grand Opening 5-course banquet dinner in Hood River featuring Paul Shapiro! Click here for more info. You can join Turtle Island Foods in celebrating the opening of their new LEED-certified food processing facility in Hood River Sept. 6-8. There will be facility tours, free samples, cooking demos with Miyoko Schinner, and lots more. Find out more here.

August Dineout and Happy Hour at Proper Eats
When: Tuesday, August 20, 4-7pm
Where: Proper Eats (8638 N Lombard St, Portland, OR)
Details: Help us support one of our amazing business partners while enjoying a delectable snack, drink or meal with friends! Please remember to RSVP on our meetup page.

Vancouver Vegan Potluck
When: Thursday, August 29, 6:30-8:45pm
Where: Vancouver Lake Park (Eagle Picnic Shelter)
Details: Join us for our traditional end-of-summer picnic potluck in Vancouver. This will be a fun and relaxing picnic, with conversation and games. More info and map here.

'Films to Change the World' series: Chimpanzee
When: Sunday, September 8, 2-4:30pm
Where: North Portland Library, 512 N Killingsworth St.
Details: Join us for this fun FREE family movie perfect for all ages. Chimpanzee is a remarkable story of individual triumph, family bonds, humour and an adorable baby chimp named Oscar. His playful curiosity and zest for discovery shows the intelligence and ingenuity of these, our closest relatives in the animal kingdom.

NW VEG's 9th Annual Portland VegFest!

When: Saturday & Sunday, September 21 & 22, 10am-6pm
Where: Oregon Convention Center - Exhibit Hall A (777 NE MLK, Jr. Blvd. Portland)
Details: Join us as we celebrate and promote sustainable, compassionate and healthy food choices and lifestyles. This low-cost, fun and food-filled event welcomes everyone! $8 admission/day. Kids 12 and under free. $5 for students with valid ID.

VegFest 2013 will feature:
  • 100s of Free Food Samples!
  • Exciting Speakers including John McDougall, MD, Brenda Davis, RD, and many more!
  • Cooking Demos from Vegan Artisan Cheese's Miyoko Schinner, Chef AJ, Karyn Calabrese and more!
  • Ask the Experts Table
  • Children and Teen Activities including a themed photo booth!
  • Restaurants and Non-Profit Organizations

Volunteer for VegFest and receive Free Admission!
More than 400 volunteers are needed to help make Northwest VEG's 9th Annual VegFest a success. Please contact Chelsea Davis, Northwest VEG's Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, at for details.

Featured Dietitians at Upcoming Professional Health Conference

Two dietitians will be among the speakers featured at Enhancing Heath with Plant-Based Nutrition, the annual professional health conference jointly sponsored by Northwest VEG and Adventist Medical Center. Brenda Davis RD, co-author of 8 books including Becoming Vegan and Becoming Raw, will speak on Recent Evidence of Plant-Based Diets and Disease. Brenda will talk about the evidence of the impact different diet and lifestyle factors have on health and longevity, and also speak on her work combating diabetes on the Marshall Islands.
Susan Levin MS RD, is the Director of Nutrition Education for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She will speak on Different Dietary Choices: Trend Vs. Science. She will examine different diets currently being popularly promoted, and compare these different diets in terms of nutritional sufficiency, weight management, and chronic disease prevention.

The health conference will take place Friday, September 20, the day before VegFest. Both Brenda and Susan will also be speaking at VegFest, on different subjects. Medical schools in the United States provide very little training on nutrition, so many doctors know little about the impact of diet on chronic disease and quality of life. This conference is a good place for medical professionals to learn more about these important subjects, and also to obtain affordable continuing education credits. Visit the health conference website at for registration and other information.

The Paleo Diet Is Uncivilized (And Unhealthy and Untrue)

John McDougall By Dr. John McDougall, VegFest & Health Conference Presenter

Low-carbohydrate (low-carb) diets are fueling the destruction of human health and our planet Earth. “Low-carbohydrate” means a diet high in animal foods and low in plant foods. Only plants synthesize carbohydrates (sugars). The body parts of animals, including red meat, poultry, seafood, fish, and eggs, contain no carbohydrates. Animal secretions (like mammalian milk) contain sugars synthesized by plants (the cow eats the grass that made the sugar). The original Atkins Diet is the ultimate in low-carb eating. This diet works by starving the human body of carbohydrates in order to induce a state of illness (ketosis), which can result in weight loss. People become too sick to eat too much.

In an attempt to remedy the obvious harms to human health caused by very low-carb eating, apologists (including the Atkins Nutritionals) have added fruits and non-starchy vegetables to their programs. This effort is supposed to disguise, and compensate for, the unhealthy effects of consuming animal foods at every meal.

Click here to read more.

New Dietary Guidelines for Brain Health

By Susan Levin, MS, RD, CSSD
Director of Nutrition Education PCRM

Portland VegFest & Health Conference Presenter

According to data used from the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease will triple by 2050. It is imperative that health care professionals and the public know diet could help change that devastating statistic. Although there is no known treatment for the disease, evidence suggests that we can prevent many cases of Alzheimer’s disease with simple lifestyle changes.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine put forth seven dietary principles that can help reduce the risk of the disease.
  1. Minimize your intake of saturated fats and trans fats. Saturated fat is found primarily in dairy products, meats, and certain oils (coconut and palm oils). Trans fats are found in many snack pastries and fried foods and are listed on labels as “partially hydrogenated oils.”

VegFest Speaker Spotlight: Chef AJ

By Trista Cornelius, Contributing Writer

If it's vegan but processed, is that okay?

“Your diet can be your undoing or your salvation,” Chef AJ warns in her book Unprocessed: How to achieve vibrant health and your ideal weight (co-written with Glen Merzer). She writes candidly in the first chapters about her childhood weight and depression and an 11-year battle with anorexia nervosa. Fortunately for her, food became her salvation.

With energy and enthusiasm, Abbie Jaye, better known as Chef AJ, teaches people how to cook meals from vegan, unprocessed ingredients that satisfy cravings. On her website, she posts quick and lively cooking lessons with the plant-based dietician Julieanna Hever for making things like black bean brownies and lasagna.

Interview with Victoria Moran

Thank you to EVEN for sharing this interview with NW VEG. Be sure to catch Victoria Moran live at our Portland VegFest on September 21 & 22.

Victoria Moran is the prolific author of eleven books, including her latest, Main Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World, which VegNews calls "the vegan Bible, New Testament." Moran hosts the weekly Main Street Vegan radio show/podcast on Unity.FM and she is the founder and director of Main Street Vegan Academy, an exciting program to train and certify vegan lifestyle coaches and educators.

Q: How did veganism become part of your life?

A: I always loved animals and first attempted to go vegetarian at thirteen. I lived on cottage cheese and fruit cocktail for a summer and finally went back to meat out of sheer hunger, but I knew that someday I'd learn what I needed to know and do this again.

That time came when I was eighteen and living in London for a fashion course. I was getting into yoga, which at that time strongly suggested vegetarianism, and London was veg-friendly enough that I was able to get off eating land animals there. Fish came next, but veganism seemed impossible.

Community Events

Try Vegan Week
When: August 10-18
Details: This annual event is the foundation of TryVeganPDX. The week includes workshops, speakers, dine-outs, and mentoring. The week will conclude with a Vegan Prom, that will include music, photos, costumes, and community. All events are free to attend with the exception of prom which is Try Vegan PDX's biggest annual fundraiser. For more information visit!

Vegan Prom
When: Saturday, August 17, 9pm-1am
Details: Come celebrate the end of the 6th annual Try Vegan Week at the Village Ballroom for a night of dancing, raffles, food, and fun! Costumes or dress in theme encouraged, but not required. This is a 21 and older event. Tickets available online, $12 advance/$15 door. For more information visit!

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Brokken

We are so lucky to have Karen Brokken as a dedicated NW VEG volunteer. Without this recent MVP grad, our Race for the Animals might not have happened this year! She was the mastermind behind creating the 5/10k routes and probably spent over 40 hours out on the trails making sure that everything was perfect. We are excited to see what she does next for Northwest VEG!

Q: How long have you been veg and why?
A: I've been a "mostly vegan" vegetarian since 2001 for environmental reasons. After I started attending NW Veg and Viva La Vegan events regularly last year, I felt my delusions fall, and I became an "all the way" vegan. It turned out that it wasn't hard to give up cheese after all.

Q: How has being veg impacted your life?

Raw Chocolate Mousse Torte with Raspberry Coulis

raspberries by Chef AJ, Portland VegFest 2013 speaker and author of Unprocessed.

This is the first recipe I created after culinary school and it was the best-selling raw dessert at the restaurant where I worked.

Crust Ingredients:
  • 2 cups of raw nuts
  • 2 cups of pitted dates
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder

In a food processor fitted with the “S” blade, process the nuts until they are a flour-like consistency. Add the cacao powder and process again briefly. Do not over process or you will have a nut butter. Add dates, a few at a time, until the mixture clumps together. Stop the machine and if you can easily roll a ball from the mixture and it sticks together you don’t need to add anymore dates. Add the vanilla and process again. Press the crust into a Springform pan.

Filling Ingredients:

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