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Sponsors & Exhibitors

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Platinum Sponsor

Manitoba Harvest

At Manitoba Harvest our mission is to manufacture the highest quality hemp food products, to educate on the nutritional and environmental benefits of hemp, and to support sustainability in all that we do. We’re obsessed about bringing the freshest, highest quality hemp foods from field to table. This was the unwavering commitment of our co-founders who started the hemp foods industry back in 1998, and it remains our commitment today. Visit us at www.manitobaharvest.com.

The Tofurky Company

Tofurky is the friendliest food on your plate. It’s kind to people, animals, the environment, and especially taste buds. That’s exactly the kind of food we’ve been making at Tofurky for more than 35 years. Stop by our booth to try our NEW Ham Roast with Beer Glaze and grab a coupon for in-store discounts. While at our booth, get inspired to join our annual Tofurky Trot this holiday season, support NW VEG, and trot with us at Oaks Park on Thanksgiving Day.

Golden Carrot Sponsors

A Well-Fed World

A Well-Fed World is a hunger relief and animal protection organization based in Washington, DC. AWFW partners with and financially strengthens vegan feeding and farming programs… farm animal care and rescue efforts… and a variety of vegan/animal advocacy campaigns. AWFW provides immediate assistance to people AND animals in need, as well as advocates for structural reforms to produce long-term results. Key programs include: Global Grants, Plants-4-Hunger (the vegan gift-giving alternative to Heifer International), Ethiopian School Lunch Partnership, and Humane Facts. Research and advocacy highlight the negative impact of animal agriculture on global hunger and climate change.

Book Publishing Company

Book Publishing Company is a community owned, independent publisher dedicated to promoting books that educate and inspire. We have been in business since 1974. Our title list includes books on vegetarian and vegan cooking and nutrition, raw foods, natural health care, and Native American culture. We are a member of The Green Press Initiative and have committed to print a growing number of our titles on chlorine free, recycled paper.

Earthly Gourmet

Earthly Gourmet is a vegan-owned, Portland-based, distributor of strictly vegan and gluten-free foods to restaurants, bakeries, cafes, food carts, and independent natural food retailers. Earthly Gourmet strives to work mostly with independent, artisan food companies and small-scale producers of premium quality, organic, fair-trade and sustainable ingredients.

Echo Fund

After a lifetime of corporate and nonprofit board work, Diana Tomseth established Echo Fund to facilitate an exchange of creativity and empowerment. Diana melds with a community of artists, authors and change advocates, tapping into dreams, ideas and projects that feed her heart and creative soul. Diana is a certified expert in holistic health and plant-based living. Research, literary arts, photography, cooking, fiber arts and spirituality all inform her process.


KBOO is a Volunteer-Powered, Non-Commercial, Listener-Sponsored, Full-Strength Community Radio for Portland, Oregon, Cascadia & the World! KBOO embodies equitable social change, shares knowledge, and fosters creativity by delivering locally rooted and diverse music, culture, news, and opinions, with a commitment to the voices of oppressed and underserved communities.

Natural Awakenings

Natural Awakenings is a free monthly magazine dedicated to providing insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Each month we present special features, local news briefs, health briefs, eco briefs, and national and local articles within our departments of health and green living. Also included is our local community resource guide and community calendar.

Portland Mercury

News. Entertainment. Trouble. portlandmercury.com.

Portland Monthly

Radiant Body Thermography

Portland’s first fully-dedicated medical thermal imaging clinic Radiant Body Thermography is proud to serve the area with safe breast and full body screening. Our high quality images are read by board-certified physicians. Referrals not required. Non-invasive, no radiation, compression, pain, contact or DNA damage. Thermography detects pain and many pathological conditions, usually long before they become structural enough to be seen by other tests. And it’s an excellent tool for demonstrating the power of eating clean plants on our biology, showing measurable decreases in inflammation, tumors and disease. No pills, potions, or powders - just safe, accurate imaging of your radiant body!


As a family-owned blueberry farm, in the Northwest, we’ve created a way to enjoy the taste and health benefits of fresh blueberries, year round. Sorbatto’s Frosty Blue begins with the whole blueberry, skins and all, to make sure you get the most of the vitamins and nutrients this little fighting berry has to offer! It is neither Sorbet nor Gelato – but a brilliant, smooth, frozen, fruit experience, making us entirely new! Visit Sorbatto online.

Stanford Inn

The Stanford Inn by the Sea Eco-Resort, North America's only vegan resort, sits atop a meadow overlooking organic gardens and Mendocino Bay. Every detail is attended to, from wood-burning fireplaces, to a salt-water indoor pool, to a sumptuous, varied organic breakfast menu. The nationally acclaimed Ravens restaurant provides cutting edge vegan cuisine. Guests also enjoy the Inn's Mendocino Center for Living Well which offers Massage in the Forest, and classes in nutrition, cooking, and more.

Silver Sunflower Sponsors

Adventist Health NW

Adventist Health Portland takes pride in serving as a health and wellness resource for our community. Our faith-based, not-for-profit network encourages a healthy lifestyle through education and health services offered at our 302-bed medical center, 34 medical clinics, and home care/hospice services in the Portland metro area. Our mission statement, “Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope” reflects our rich heritage of providing physical, mental, and spiritual care.

Brad's Plant Based Snacks

Brad's Plant Based Snacks originated with the intention of creating alternatives to traditional snacks for those who wanted to embrace a plant-based diet but who simply had no delicious, convenient options. We first developed the recipes for crispy yet firm veggie chips. Next came crunchy kale, broccoli poppers, seaweed kale-chi, and the newest – tortilla chips. We continuously experiment with new recipes to bring you new plant-based snacks.

Driftwood Magazine

Driftwood Magazine is a travel and culture magazine exploring the possibilities of a vegan world. It’s a place to see other vegans and celebrate our world with and through each other. Every issue is filled with stories of vegan travel adventures, profiles on people, the arts, and advancements and issues in the global vegan community.

Edible Portland

Edible Portland is a mission-driven magazine that tells the story of local food, season by season. In six issues each year, we encourage our community to eat locally grown and produced foods and become more informed about our region's food and farming culture.

Field Roast

Founded in 1997, Field Roast Grain Meat Company creates high-quality vegetarian meats that are based on European and Asian culinary traditions, and are made with the simple tenets of good cooking and traditional food making practices. Its ever-expanding array of products currently includes roasts, sausages, deli slices, loaves, and now an American-style Frankfurter. Field Roast can be found in over 1,000 retail stores and upwards of 500 restaurant menus nationwide. For more information, visit fieldroast.com.

Genuine Health

Genuine Health is a company made up of nutrition geeks! We want people to feel good about what they are putting in their bodies, and our products show it. We offer health & nutritional supplements that are made of pure and natural ingredients. Genuine Health is a research-driven company, that also has a B-corporation certification; we care about leaving the planet better than when we did when we got here!


Glutenull is a Vancouver based certified gluten free and vegan bakery dedicated to bring you the highest quality non-GMO and organic products that are wholesome and tasty. Our products are top 11 allergen free and cater to a large variety of diets, including raw, Paleo and low in sugar. Some say - you are what you eat. We hope that means we are transforming our customers into power packed, warriors of goodness and positive energy.

Good Karma

Good Karma makes smooth and creamy plant-based yogurts and milk using flax seed. Come taste the goodness!

Hemp Love

The Hemp Love® Brand is an expression of gratitude, friendship and Love. Since 2012, we've been committed to crafting the finest organic, vegan chocolate on the market. In 2016, we launched our amazing line of organic, vegan pet treats. We love animals and we love helping people in need. That's why Hemp Love® pledges 12% of its net profits to organizations that pair people and animals in need of each other through our S.H.A.R.E. program.

The Herbivore Clothing Company

The Herbivore Clothing Company is a vegan clothing, cookbook and lifestyle store in Portland, Oregon's own Vegan Mini-Mall and also online at herbivoreclothing.com. Founded in 2002, Herbivore makes clothing and accessories for people who like to fashionably proclaim their compassionate beliefs, or who like to hold their pants up whilst not using an adorable bovine's skin. Herbivore published The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide, and owners Josh and Michelle recently wrote a cookbook and guide for new vegans called Eat Like You Give a Damn, named for the popular shirt design they've sold for years. Josh and Michelle are parents to 12-year-old Ruby, whose daily vegan lunch you can see via the hashtag #rubybirdslunch.

Pacific Foods

Pacific is a mission-driven organic food company from Oregon that’s dedicated to making nourishing foods as sustainably as possible since 1987. We do what’s right not what’s easy, striving to make traditional recipes accessible to all. We use simple ingredients that are carefully sourced and made to maximize nutrition and minimize waste. Our soups, broths, stocks, meals, sides dishes and non-dairy beverages offer health-conscious consumers a wide range of convenient products to suit their busy lifestyles.

Platinum Cooking System

The Professional Platinum Cooking System is titanium/surgical steel cookware that enables you to fry without using oil and cook vegetables without using water, all below 200F. Cooking this way retains up to 90% more nutrition, uses 75% less fat while using 50% less energy. It's simply the healthiest environmentally friendly way to cook!



Aviv: A healthy take on familiar and innovative plant based Israeli fare, conveniently located in Portland's inner South East.​

Homegrown Smoker

The GSMP in their own words: You can make a vegan pizza by simply taking off the cheese, but that doesn’t make it good. You can make a vegan pizza by adding something like cheese but that doesn’t make it good, either. What we do at GSMP is make vegan pizzas good…real good… because there is no substitute for imagination and persistence..Did I mention our sandwiches are mighty tasty as well?..well okay!

No Bones Beach Club

No Bones Beach Club is located on N. Mississippi in Northeast Portland! We are a 100% plant based beach bar that serves a mostly gluten free menu with fun tropical drinks! We donate a % of proceeds every month to different local animal rescues and do staff volunteer days every quarter. Our original location is in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

Obon PDX

Obon PDX is a home-style Japanese food caterer & wholesale manufacturer. We source all of our ingredients from only the most reputable farmers and wholesalers, making sure that our food not only tastes great, but has less of an impact on our small, shared planet. On the wholesale side we make Tofu Misozuke: Tofu that has been fermented in miso for at least a few weeks, until it makes an ideal replacement for traditional cream cheese.


Snackrilege is Portland’s only vegan metal sandwich company. They specialize in vegan sammies and sides available in stores and bars throughout the Portland metro area, as well as a food cart located at 625 NE Killingsworth (open 11:30-3:30 Wednesday-Saturday, and frequently open Tuesdays and evenings–check Facebook or Twitter for additional hours). They feature house-made seitan and cheeses, organic house-infused sauces, and awesome punny sandwich names. Snackrilege: Horns Up For Veganism.

Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie is focused on handcrafted pizza and ice cream, creating food that tastes great, is good for your body and supports a healthy planet. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of a plant-based diet by providing delicious, affordable, and fast plant-based food options in an inclusive environment. Visit us for coffee + pastries, lunch and dinner daily, and brunch on the weekend!

Whimsical Folly

Come visit Whimsical Folly at 625 N.E. Killingworth Street, Portland Oregon (Piedmont Station food trucks). Totally vegan, totally homemade, totally awesome food served with a smile in a fun atmosphere. Enjoy the indoor/outdoor dining, big screen tv's, fire pit and play land for the little ones. Chef Vanessa begins each day in the Folly kitchen baking breads, cakes, meats and cheeses. Also check out the new mouth watering whimsical weekly delights.

Commercial Exhibitors

100% Pure
Ama's Gluten Free Foods
Atlantic Natural Foods
Beyond Better
Blue Lotus Chai
Brew Dr. Kombucha
Compassion Co.
Casey's Innovations
Conan's Juju
Conscious Cart
Crazies and Weirdos
Crofter's Food
Divine Pie Portland
Eco Jarz
Evolve Into Wellness
Farmhouse Culture
Follow Your Heart
Food Fight Grocery
Glad Rags
Green Living Journal
Green Mountain Energy
Guerrilla Wearfare
Health-Ade Kombucha
Heaven Scent Espresso
Heidi Ho
Hiball Energy
Hodo Soy
Honor Yourself Foods
Imperfect Produce
Isabella Dog Biscuits
Jeani's GreenMaxPro
Kawi Foods
Kelly's Croutons
Kitchen Craft
Kite Hill
Left Coast Raw
Lips In Bloom
Los Roast
Love at First Sit
Lucky Foods
Lundberg Family Farms
Maple Valley Cooperative
Michele's Goji Berry Granola
Microcosm Publishing
Missionary Chocolates
Miyoko's Kitchen
Mountain Mel's
Multi-pure Water
Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty
Nature Nate's
NW Ferments
North Coast Organics
NüCulture Foods
Nut-tritious Foods
Oregon Healthy Harvest
Panco Foods
Red Plate Foods
Rhythm Superfoods
Schmidt's Deodorant
Seven Point 2
Spirit Spa Soap
Stirs the Soul
Swell Granola
Tabor Bread
Threads for Love
Toby's Family Foods & Genesis Juices
Vegan Dots
Vegans Rock Apparel
Veggie Go's
Craig Walker, D.C. Inc.
Yuan Su

Nonprofit Exhibitors

Better Eating International
Direct Action Everywhere
Enchanted Farm Sanctuary
Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
Free Oregon Zoo Elephants
Food Empowerment Project
Foundation for Wellness Professionals
Green Acres Farm Sanctuary
Habitat for Humanity
House of Dreams
The Humane League
Humane Oregon
Jewish Veg
Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary
Mercy for Animals
NW Animal Foundation
Out to Pasture Sanctuary
Population Connection
Portland Animal Save
Sea Shepard
Soi Dog
Supreme Master
Try Vegan PDX
Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry
Urban Health Project
Vegan Outreach
Whole Health Lifestyle
Wildwood Farm Sanctuary