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Event Info


VegFest celebrates and promotes sustainable, compassionate and healthy food choices and lifestyles. This low-cost, fun event welcomes everyone; with our uplifting atmosphere and positive approach to nurturing the world and building community, VegFest connects organizations, businesses and educators with the local public (and each other)!

Event History:

In 2009, Northwest VEG will celebrate 5 years of VegFest, Portland's largest vegetarian festival!

Event Specifications:

  • Saturday, 10 am - 8 pm, September 19, 2009
  • Top speakers and chefs
  • Space for 100+ Exhibitors
  • Family-Friendly
  • Live Music
  • Free Food Samples


  • The cost of the event is $5. Children 10 and under are free.
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  • Inclusive to everyone!
  • 3500+ anticipated attendance


Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE MLK Blvd. Portland, OR 97232 map
  • Large exhibition hall, and breakout rooms
  • Centrally located
  • Public transportation (MAX stop right outside)

Promotion: Our marketing campaign includes:

  • Ads in multiple newspapers and magazines
  • Radio interviews
  • Calendar listings in multiple websites, newspapers, magazines, non-profit newsletters
  • E-mail networking
  • Leafleting, tabling, and posted fliers
  • Fabulous word of mouth from the successes of the past 4 years
  • Work with media to be featured in area newspaper articles

Event Feature Categories:

  • Notable speakers, experts and authors to discuss topics in health and nutrition; environmentalism; and animal welfare and compassion
  • Food exhibitors/product sampling
  • Exhibitor sales, including restaurant area
  • Classes for easy entry to a healthy plant-based diet
  • Cooking demos
  • Bookstore
  • Family Activities
  • Veg Lifestyle Product and Services exhibitors
  • Non-profit organization exhibitors