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Welcome Sponsors and Exhibitors

The information below is for informational purposes only.

We hope you can be a part of VegFest '09 at the Convention Center!

The Oregon Convention Center will be our biggest VegFest venue to date with over 30,000 square feet! Our top priority will be to accommodate our sponsors, food exhibitors, and exhibitors of products and services directly related to the Northwest VEG mission, including non-profit groups. Applications for exhibitors of unrelated products may be temporarily held until we determine space availability.

Vegfest 2009 is now accepting Sponsor/Exhibitor applications, but we expect to fill early. Please download the application form (below) for complete details:
  1. Download the Sponsor/Exhibitor Application

  2. Send your completed application to VegFest, c/o Wendy Gabbe Day, 1995 SW Huntington Ave, Portland, OR 97225
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Because many vegans are expected to attend VegFest, we ask that all food and other products being exhibited or sold at VegFest be vegan (no honey, milk, whey, eggs, or other animal products).