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VegFest Film Screening 2013


Saturday, Sept. 21, 5pm

Sunday, Sept. 22, 5pm

Turlock is the incredible story of the rescue of 4,460 starving hens from an egg farm in Stanislaw County, California in Spring, 2012, managed by Animal Place. Turlock the movie is released one year after the rescue effort to commemorate the date. While tragic, this non graphic film is an immensely-inspiring testament of the human will to help and defend the lives of animals who are the hidden casualties of the industries that profit from their suffering. Hens are some of the most exploited and unprotected animals that suffer at human hands. We now have a landmark film that symbolizes a new way forward, the next evolution in our relationship with animals and with our food.

Following the film, Jamie London will be on hand to discuss the work of such large rescues and her work at Animal Place.

Jamie London, Animal Care Director for Animal Place

Jamie oversees the care of its 300 rescued animals at Animal Place's 600-acre sanctuary. She also oversees the care of the rescued animals at Animal Place’s 60-acre Rescue Ranch adoption center. She earned her Bachelor's in Animal Science from the University of Florida where she was also a vital part of Animal Activists of Alachua, as their Communications Director. To date, Jamie has worked in the animal protection movement for more than 12 years, largely working with farmed animals in a sanctuary setting.