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KBOO shall be a model of programming, filling needs that other media do not, providing programming to unserved or underserved groups. KBOO shall provide access and training to those communities. KBOO news and public affairs programming shall place an emphasis on providing a forum for unpopular, controversial, or neglected perspectives on important local, national, and international issues, reflecting KBOO's values of peace, justice, democracy, human rights, multiculturalism, environmentalism, freedom of expression, and social change.

KBOO's arts, cultural, and musical programming shall cover a wide spectrum of expression from traditional to experimental, and reflect the diverse cultures we serve. KBOO shall strive for spontaneity and programming excellence, both in content and technique.

Platinum Print Sponsor

The Oregonian is the major daily newspaper in the Portland area, and has been covering Northwest business, politics, sports, culture, entertainment cuisine and more since 1850. It is the largest newspaper in Oregon by circulation, according to the ABC FAS-FAX from March 2012. The Weekday, Saturday Morning and Sunday newspaper is served via Home Delivery and Mail, Single Copy Sales, Business/Traveler Paid Circulation and Verified Circulation.

Gold Sponsor

Dave's Killer Bread, located in Milwaukie, Oregon, is dedicated to baking the highest quality, best tasting organic bread possible. Each loaf is packed with whole grains, seeds, and/or nuts amounting to a bread that is both healthy and delicious. We currently offer 15 varieties that are sold in stores all over Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Utah, and Alaska. Our breads contain no animal products, artificial preservatives or sweeteners, or genetically modified organisms. In the words of Dave Dahl, a tireless worker dedicated to staying on the right path after so many years in prison: It is our vision to make the world a better place, one loaf of bread at a time.

Silver Sponsors

Book Publishing Company is a community owned, independent publisher dedicated to promoting books that educate and inspire. We have been in business since 1974. Our title list includes books on vegetarian and vegan cooking and nutrition, raw foods, natural health care, and Native American culture. We are a member of The Green Press Initiative and have committed to print a growing number of our titles on chlorine free, recycled paper.

Daiya products are free of dairy (casein, whey and lactose), soy, gluten, eggs, rice, peanuts and tree nuts (except coconut oil). We have our own production facility which eliminates the chance of cross-contamination with other pesky allergens, making our products 100% vegan. Whether you suffer from allergies, are accustomed to eating Kosher, or are committed to a vegan lifestyle, our products are the perfect addition to your favorite dishes!

Founded in 1997,Field Roast Grain Meat Company creates high-quality vegetarian meats that are based on European and Asian culinary traditions, and are made with the simple tenets of good cooking and traditional food making practices. Its ever-expanding array of products currently includes roasts, sausages, deli slices, loaves, and now an American-style Frankfurter. Field Roast can be found in over 1,000 retail stores and upwards of 500 restaurant menus nationwide. For more information, visit

gardeinTM is an award-winning range of tasty, nutritious, convenient everyday foods made from a blend of soy, wheat, and pea proteins, organic ancient grains and veggies. gardeinTM offers all the health benefits of eating less animal-based protein without sacrificing the taste and texture that many people crave. gardeinTM is a complete source of protein, cholesterol free and contains no animal or dairy ingredients. The gardeinTM product line offers healthier versions of the foods people love.

Genesis Juices are made by people who believe in the power of Mother Nature. Unlike most juices that are flash-pasteurized or boiled at 160°, Genesis uses a high-pressure, non-thermal process that maintains the freshness, flavor and nutritional integrity of every organic fruit and vegetable that goes into each great-tasting juice. Toby's & Genesis Juices are handcrafted in small batches in Springfield, Oregon.

Kelso Photography One thing I strongly believe in is that my relationship with my client needs to be just as important as the photos and personalities need to connect. I don't feel that photography is just taking pictures, I'm simply preserving your natural character, preserving your inner beauty, and preserving your precious moments. Due to my 20 plus years experience, I bring my clients an added sensitivity to visual composition which allows me to provide beautiful and unique memories. So whether you're searching for the perfect image of your grad, a wedding filled with family and friends, a birth of your child, or a special picture for your spouse...think about what makes you who you are... Let my passion tell your story...

Mary's Gone Crackers manufactures delicious, gluten-free, vegan, organic Crackers, Sticks & Twigs and love Cookies. Traditional flavors, revolutionary ingredients. Please visit

Since 1987, Pacific Natural Foods has been inspiring people to know more about their food, where it comes from and how it’s grown by delivering delicious, all natural and organic non-dairy beverages, soups and broths, made with respect for land, animals and people. We believe in capturing the full flavor of natural ingredients when flavors are at their peak because there’s simply no substitute for the real thing.

The Professional Platinum Cooking System is titanium/surgical steel cookware that enables you to fry without using oil and cook vegetables without using water, all below 200F. Cooking this way retains up to 90% more nutrition, uses 75% less fat while using 50% less energy. It's simply the healthiest environmentally friendly way to cook!

The ReDirect Guide is the Portland/Vancouver Region's Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle Guide and Business Resource. ReDirect your everyday purchases to the businesses found in this FREE in print and online resource, and you'll know that you're helping to build sustainable and healthy communities, locally and worldwide. With Redirect's online coupon program, you can save with over 300 participating ReDirect's members. For more information, go to

Sweet Lemon Vegan Bistro serves fresh made daily from scratch, light and tasty vegan dishes. Menu choices include raw food, wraps, noodles and rice with organic fresh veggies, soy products and gluten free options as well as salads, pho and noodle soups. Our vegan and raw cakes are divine. Located in the Bethany neighbor with new expansion and nourishing environment. Open Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat 12-8pm, closed Sun.

Tasty Bite Tasty Bite products begin their journey at our farm in India. Farm-fresh and expertly prepared by fine chefs, each meal represents the delightful flavors of Indian cuisine. Tasty Bite products are all vegetarian with no preservatives, require no refrigeration, or cooking and taste phenomenal! Tasty Bite is great for lunch, a side or main dish, even take them camping. Sure to Spice Up any meal, as the recipe options are limitless. Of course, delicious out of the pouch too!

At the Taza Chocolate Factory in Somerville, Mass, we craft stone ground chocolate from bean to bar. Taza began when founder Alex Whitmore took his first bite of stone ground chocolate in Oaxaca, Mexico. Fueled by a passion for Mexican chocolate traditions, he learned to hand-carve the granite millstones that we use today to grind cacao into organic dark chocolate. Through our Direct Trade Certified Cacao program, Taza cultivates face-to-face relationships with farmers so we can source the highest quality cacao possible, while paying our farmers a premium above the Fair Trade cacao price.

Toby's Family Foods is all about the warm feeling you get from eating smart. It started 30 years ago when Toby came up with the tofu dips and spreads that you know and enjoy today. Toby's also makes award-winning salad dressings and Genesis Juices.