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The Oregonian is the major daily newspaper in the Portland area, and has been covering Northwest business, politics, sports, culture, entertainment cuisine and more since 1850. It is the largest newspaper in Oregon by circulation, according to the ABC FAS-FAX from March 2012. The Weekday, Saturday Morning and Sunday newspaper is served via Home Delivery and Mail, Single Copy Sales, Business/Traveler Paid Circulation and Verified Circulation.

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Book Publishing Company is a community owned, independent publisher dedicated to promoting books that educate and inspire. We have been in business since 1974. Our title list includes books on vegetarian and vegan cooking and nutrition, raw foods, natural health care, and Native American culture. We are a member of The Green Press Initiative and have committed to print a growing number of our titles on chlorine free, recycled paper.

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Simple ingredients, simply made. At Attune Foods, we believe food shouldn’t be complicated and make Erewhon organic cereal from simple, organic ingredients into cereals that are simply made. They are also verified by the Non-GMO Project and make a great way to start the day at breakfast or incorporated into an afternoon snack.

Earthly Gourmet is a vegan-owned, Portland-based, distributor of strictly vegan and gluten-free foods to restaurants, bakeries, cafes, food carts, and independent natural food retailers. Earthly Gourmet strives to work mostly with independent, artisan food companies and small-scale producers of premium quality, organic, fair-trade and sustainable ingredients.

Kelso Photography: One thing I strongly believe in is that my relationship with my client needs to be just as important as the photos. I don't feel that photography is just taking pictures, I'm simply preserving your natural character, preserving your inner beauty, and preserving your precious moments. Due to my 20 plus years experience, I bring my clients an added sensitivity to visual composition which allows me to provide beautiful and unique memories.

Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care: From the way your dog rests his head on your feet as you work, to the way your cat carefully touches your face with her paw before you fall asleep - you know your pet better than anyone else. This simple fact makes you such an important part of your pet's healthcare team. No veterinarian can do her work without your careful observations, your intimate understanding of your pet's history, or your eager willingness to be the voice for your loved one.

Natural Awakenings is a free monthly magazine dedicated to providing insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Each month we present special features, local news briefs, health briefs, eco briefs, and national and local articles within our departments of health and green living. Also included is our local community resource guide and community calendar. Printed on 100 percent recycled paper and with soy ink. Readers can also view the magazine online digitally.

Organically Grown Company is the largest wholesaler of organic produce in the Pacific Northwest. We are a proud supporter of regional organic farmers. We're not your typical produce supplier. Our passion for organic fruits and vegetables drives us to provide our customers with the freshest and most delicious, organic produce on the market. And, we are committed to operating our business in ways that are increasingly sustainable.

The Professional Platinum Cooking System is titanium/surgical steel cookware that enables you to fry without using oil and cook vegetables without using water, all below 200F. Cooking this way retains up to 90% more nutrition, uses 75% less fat while using 50% less energy. It's simply the healthiest environmentally friendly way to cook!

The ReDirect Guide is the Portland/Vancouver Region's Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle Guide and Business Resource. ReDirect your everyday purchases to the businesses found in this FREE in print and online resource, and you'll know that you're helping to build sustainable and healthy communities, locally and worldwide. With Redirect's online coupon program, you can save with over 300 participating ReDirect's members. For more information, go to

Tasty Bite products begin their journey at our farm in India. Farm-fresh and expertly prepared by fine chefs, each meal represents the delightful flavors of Indian cuisine. Tasty Bite products are all vegetarian with no preservatives, require no refrigeration, or cooking and taste phenomenal! Tasty Bite is great for lunch, a side or main dish, even take them camping. Sure to Spice Up any meal, as the recipe options are limitless. Of course, delicious out of the pouch too!

At the Taza Chocolate Factory in Somerville, Mass, we craft stone ground chocolate from bean to bar. Taza began when founder Alex Whitmore took his first bite of stone ground chocolate in Oaxaca, Mexico. Fueled by a passion for Mexican chocolate traditions, he learned to hand-carve the granite millstones that we use today to grind cacao into organic dark chocolate. Through our Direct Trade Certified Cacao program, Taza cultivates face-to-face relationships with farmers so we can source the highest quality cacao possible, while paying our farmers a premium above the Fair Trade cacao price.

Toby's Family Foods is all about the warm feeling you get from eating smart. It started 30 years ago when Toby came up with the tofu dips and spreads that you know and enjoy today. Toby's also makes award-winning salad dressings and Genesis Juices.

Turtle Island Foods, since our founding in 1980, has provided delicious, nutritious vegan options for discerning eaters. Our products are made with organic soy and other high quality ingredients to let the natural flavors shine. In addition to our best-selling line of Tofurky brand gourmet meatless sausages and deli slices, we now offer the first frozen vegan pizza line that features meat analogs as part of the toppings.
At V-dog our mission is one of compassion for all animals and for our great green planet. We are grateful for the opportunity to educate dog owners and spread our passion through our 100% animal-free and cruelty-free products.
Your pooch now has the choice to reduce animal suffering by not supporting the factory farming industry and to support the health of the planet. When your pooch adopts a plant-based diet, this is one more positive step towards minimizing animal abuse and global depletion.
So when you feed your pooch V-dog, you can rest easy knowing no animals had to suffer, nor did the

Here at Whole Foods Market Bellevue, we're committed to selling the highest quality natural and organic foods available while satisfying and delighting our guests 7 days a week. We are proud to be part of the Bellevue, Washington community, and are located just off I-405, at the intersection of NE 8th Street & 116th Avenue NE, minutes from Downtown Bellevue.