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VegFest 2014 Sponsors

Interested in Sponsoring Portland's 10th Annual VegFest?

Download the VegFest Sponsor Prospectus and Application! (PDF)

Questions? Contact vegfest@nwveg.org

Golden Carrot Sponsor

Learn how to prepare Whole Food, Plant Based and Gluten Free Meals that taste amazing but are super quick and easy to prepare. Our cooking systems allow you to keep 93% of the nutrition in the meals AND cook in half the time. We use no oils or water in the cooking process so you get maximized flavor and nutrition. Saladmaster Partners with PCRM, The Cancer Project, and some of the biggest entities in the nutrition industry such as Dr Neal Barnard, MD, Dr Robert Young and David Wolfe. We put the JOY in to cooking healthfully and deliciously with our Plant Based Cooking Classes, Health Coaching and Extraordinary Saladmaster Cooking Systems! joyfulcookingco.com

Silver Sunflower Sponsors

To be simple is to be great,” a famous American essayist once wrote. He might easily have been describing the philosophy behind One Degree organic foods. We start with simple ingredients from family farmers who are devoted to the earth, the integrity of their crop, and your health. True sources, truly veganic.
When you add sustainability, transparency and consumer-empowering technology, what you get is an incredibly honest meal. And, if you can remember back to how good food once tasted before it became genetically modified, globally transported, showered in chemicals and hormones, processed, reprocessed and loudly marketed, you’ll also rediscover some wonderful memories and long-lost flavors in every slice and spoonful. onedegreeorganics.com

Call us health nuts. The people behind Ultima Replenisher are passionate about providing you with the best and most complete hydration product in the world. We believe too many drinks are loaded with sugar, too much salt and/or an array of artificial colors, dyes and preservatives. Ultima's combination of balanced electrolytes allows for rapid re-hydration without blood sugar spikes or stomach upset. With Ultima, you will feel and perform your best. ">ultimareplenisher.com

Mom's Vegan Kitchen momsvegankitchen.com