Veg Challenge

The 22 Day Veg Challenge, sponsored by Northwest VEG, will demystify veganism through daily food and lifestyle challenges. It will be fun and easy, with lots of support available to answer questions and share tips. Click here for a list of tips.

The next Challenge will take place in the fall of 2019.

Here is how it works:

  • Complete the online form above to be entered into the challenge.

  • You will be invited to join our optional private Facebook group, where we'll be answering questions and providing a community of support before, during, and after the challenge

  • Watch your inbox or the Facebook page for the daily challenges.

While you're at it, challenge your family and friends to join too!

If you are interested in working with an experienced person, you'll have the option of requesting a mentor right after you register for the Challenge. If you are already vegan but still want to participate, please sign up to be a mentor by clicking here!

Here are some of the events from the 2018 Veg Challenge - ALL EVENTS ARE FREE!

Find out how to create a meal plan the vegan way from Emily Forbes at our Kickoff Event on Saturday, October 27.


Learn how to make delectable, crowd-pleasing vegan/gluten-free desserts with Erin Floresca and Christina Norton on Friday, November 2 and enjoy tasty samples.


Meet and get to know some rescued farmed animals at Wildwood Farm Sanctuary on Saturday, November 3.


Join whole-foods plant-based enthusiast Linda Hendrickson to learn what foods provide superior nutrition, and how to make them part of your life on Saturday, November 10.

Learn how extravagant and delicious vegan holidays can be and how to veganize your favorite recipes with Kris Eisenman at our Closing Event on Saturday, November 17, and hear from a panel of experts as they discuss the environmental impacts of eating meat, the nutritional aspects of a vegan lifestyle, and heartwarming stories about rescued farm animals.