Want to be a veg host family?

A message from one of our community members:

Good Afternoon!  

My name is Jennifer Skouras and I'm an International Coordinator with the Aspect Foundation. We are a 501c3 non-profit that specializes in placing exchange students from across the world with families in Oregon and across the U.S. My vegetarian and vegan kiddos are always the absolute hardest to find host families for and often don't get the chance to come at all.

I have two amazing girls coming to Oregon next fall and I need to find Vegetarian friendly families for them. Both girls say they can live with omnivores but I need families that are knowledgeable in the diet to ensure the girls are getting adequate nutritional intake while here with food they actually enjoy eating.

Kim is a super sweet and sporty 15 year old from Germany. She is all about sports! Unicycling, horseback riding, and dancing are her top choices. Clara is a 15 year old from Brazil. She loves dancing (ballet), cooking, and spending time with family and friends. She intends on studying medicine when she goes to University!

I would love to find them families that share similar interests so I'm reaching out to a large variety of resources. I need to keep the girls within 120 miles of Salem per Department of State regulations but I can place from Portland to Sutherlin, and Redmond clear over to the coast. I think at last count my school list was around 105 schools so I have lots of flexibility. Please feel free to call me at 503-930-7746. Thanks for your time!

Jennifer Skouras International Coordinator Aspect Foundation 503-930-7746