Letter from Wendi

Dearest volunteers,

Today I have some really difficult news to share with you.

About a month ago I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Essential Tremor. It is not life-threatening, but it will affect my life increasingly as time goes on. Most devastatingly - because I am first and foremost an artist- it will affect my motor control, and thus my ability to paint, draw, or practice any artistic method that requires a steady hand. This is why I have decided that it's time for me to leave Northwest VEG; I'd like to pursue my art full time, while I still can, and paint until I can no longer hold a brush. To do otherwise, even though it makes me sad to leave an organization I love and wholeheartedly support, would be a grave disservice to a vital part of myself.

If you have had the chance to chat with me since I took this position as Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator about a month before VegFest last year, you probably know that I had a lot of initiatives and ideas for the organization, and intended to stay for quite some time. I am still diligently working to cross everything off my "to do" list, but now with an extremely compressed timeline. I will be staying on until Northwest VEG has found their next Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, to pass down my knowledge, train them in the procedures I’ve implemented, get them excited about the programs we’ve got in the works, bring them up to speed on how we run our big events, and ensure they are feeling comfortable and confident in their position. I am trying to make this transition as low-impact as possible for everyone - the Board, our amazing Executive Director Jaclyn, and on you, our wonderful volunteers!

So, carry on as usual. I'm not out the door yet, and everything I have in the works will continue as scheduled. I will let you all know once the job is posted, in case anyone wants to apply (you should!), and I will also keep you in the loop on the transition and make sure you know when my final day has been determined. I appreciate you all. Please let me know if you have any questions for me.



Northwest VEG is seeking a skilled Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator to expand and support our growing base of volunteers, and to cultivate opportunities to share the mission of Northwest VEG more broadly in the community. Position description and application instructions are available here.