Northwest VEG Business Member Application

Review our Business Policy here.


1.    Your business description in the Northwest VEG monthly email blast soon after joining, consisting of up to 100 words (including contact information.) The description will be provided by the business and is subject to revision by our editors.

2.    Your business’s logo and above description listed on the Northwest VEG website. A link will be provided to your business’s website.

3.    A request to patronize our Business Supporters will appear regularly in Northwest VEG emails and social media to our 8000+ subscribers, with a link to the full webpage listings of our business member partners.

4.    A welcome upon joining posted on the NW VEG Facebook page, plus brief mentions of up to 4 event or special promotion listings on NW VEG social media each year. NW VEG’s Business Membership Committee will contact all business members quarterly to schedule upcoming appropriate listings and/or opportunities for working together. Listings must be submitted with reasonable time to incorporate into our communications and conform to NW VEG specifications.

5.    A hard copy or emailed listing of Business Members given to all new and renewing NW VEG general members yearly.

6.    Special invitation to exhibit at VegFest, including notation of NW VEG membership status on the VegFest website and VegFest print materials where possible.

7.    VegFest exhibitors receive $25 discount applied to next business membership renewal.

8.    Opportunity for additional promos, such as providing coupons (or inclusion in a NW VEG coupon booklet we print) or samples for relevant special events including VegFest, Vegan Week, Earthday, etc.


1.    An annual membership contribution of $125 for small, single location businesses; discounted to $200 for a 2-year membership commitment.

2.    An annual membership contribution of $250 for large or multiple location businesses; discounted to $450 for a 2-year membership commitment.

3.    Optional, but recommended:

a.    Coupons for NW VEG to distribute in our Membership packets and/or at our events.

b.    NW VEG Member Discounts: Restaurants are invited to provide our members with a discount of 10%.

c.    Non-restaurant businesses or service providers are encouraged to offer 10% discounts, but upon request may be considered for a 5% discount option.

if you are unable to apply online, you may DOWNLOAD A FORM IN PDF and mail it to us.

Contact with any questions.