Master VEG Presentations

Week 1: Vegan Nutrition. Daniel Redwood, D.C.

  • As presented to class 14 on April 12, 2017: click here

Week 2: Diet and Chronic Disease. 
Ole Ersson, M.D.

  • Diet and chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis as presented to class 12: click here

Kristen Eisenman, Food For Life Instructor will present this session in 2016
From 2015: Kim Carlson, RN, BSN, CCM, Healthy Living Program Manager at Kaiser and Nurse for Dr Craig McDougall:

Week 3: Food Policy and Food and the Environment
Don Merrick

Peter Spendelow, Ph.D.

  • Food and the Environment as presented to class 12: click here

Week 4: Animal Law and Animal Consciousness.

  • Animal Law. Kathy Hessler, Professor, Lewis & Clark Law School. (presented in class only)
  • Animal Consciousness. Peter Spendelow, Ph.D., As presented to class 12: click here

Week 5: Impact of Animal Agriculture on Humans and Fish and Fishing

  • Impact of Animal Agriculture on Humans. Marsha Rakestraw, Humane Educator References consulted for Class 10 talk: click here
  • Fish and Fishing. Peter Spendelow, Ph.D., As presented in Class 10 July 2, 2013: click here

Week 6: Philosophical Perspectives on Animals: From Pythagoras to Peter Singer and Vegan Business Panel

  • Philosophy on the Rights of Animals. Ramona Ilea, Ph.D., As presented to Class 12: click here
  • Vegan Business Panel (new in 2016)

Week 7: The Lives of Farm Animals. 

  • Marsha Rakestraw, Humane Educator (presentation not available)
  • Dr Jon and Kit Collins, Owners of Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary (presented in class only)

Week 8: Communication and Vegan Living. Jaclyn Leeds, NWVEG Executive Director

  • Effective Communication. As presented in Class 12: click here
  • Vegan Living. As presented in Class 12: click here