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Master VEG Program 2017 Schedule

Check back soon for the Winter 2019 schedule.

Week 1: Class Introduction and Diet and Chronic Disease. April 5, 2017

Peter Spendelow, Northwest VEG Board Member

  • Introduction to the program. Overview, logistics, schedules, and expectations.

Ole Ersson, M.D.

  • Diet and chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis


Week 2: Plant-Based Diets as a Path to Health. April 12, 2017

Daniel Redwood, D.C., Director of the Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine program at the University of Western States.

  • Discussion of vegan nutrition and research supporting plant-based diets
  • Components of a healthy vegan diet
  • Address issues such as dietary supplements and getting enough calcium, protein, B-12, Omega 3s, fat, etc

Kristen Eisenman

  • How to veganize your recipes: a cooking demo


Week 3: Food Choices and the Environment, plus Philosophical Perspectives on Animals: From Pythagoras to Peter Singer. April 19, 2017

Peter Spendelow, Ph.D., Northwest VEG Board Member

  • Introduction to Ecological Footprints and food choices
  • Environmental impact of plant and animal-based agriculture: water pollution, air pollution, animal agriculture and global warming, resource consumption, habitat loss, water conservation, use of toxic substances in agriculture.
  • Other environmental aspects of food choices - buy local, buy seasonal, buy organic

Ramona Ilea, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Pacific University

  • Philosophical Perspectives on Animals.


Week 4: Animal Law and Animal Consciousness. April 26, 2017

Kathy Hessler, Professor, Lewis & Clark Law School

  • Animal Law and Agriculture

Peter Spendelow, Ph.D., Northwest VEG Board Member

  • An Introduction to Animal Consciousness and Awareness.


Week 5: Impacts of Animal Agriculture on Humans and Fish and Fishing. May 3, 2017

Marsha Rakestraw, Certified Humane Educator

  • Impacts of Animal Agriculture on Humans.

Peter Spendelow, Ph.D.

  • Fish and Fishing - What is happening in our oceans?


Week 6: Food Policy, and Outlets for Animal Activism Panel. May 10, 2017

Don Merrick, former Northwest VEG Vice President

  • Food Policy.

M Lee Beebe, Dianne Lamberty, Jess De Noto, Sandy Miller

  • How to engage on behalf of animals


Week 7: The Lives of Farmed Animals. May 17, 2017.

Marsha Rakestraw, Certified Humane Educator 
Dr. John and Kit Collins, owners of Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary


Week 8: Living as a Vegan and Effective Activism. May 24, 2017.

Northwest VEG Volunteer Coordinator

  • Effective activism and communication
  • Discussion of possibilities for volunteer opportunities for serving the 16 hours needed for earning the Master VEG Certificate.
  • Course wrap-up


Field trips:

Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary Private tour and work party (hours will go towards MVP certificate)
When: May 6 @ 1pm-4pm
Where: 33190 SE Regan Hill Rd, Estacada, OR 97023