Northwest VEG Passport Program

The Northwest VEG Passport Program is intended to promote Portland-area vegan businesses to Northwest VEG members and to the broader community through the creation of a “Passport” booklet that allows Passport participants to collect stamps in exchange for patronizing participating businesses.

Requirements for Participation:
Businesses participating in the Passport Program:

  • Must share and support our Mission and the Goals of our organization. We require that all products and materials used within our programs reflect these values.

  • Must agree that all food, goods, and services promoted, sampled, displayed, or sold in conjunction with the Northwest VEG Passport program shall be vegan (no meat, eggs, fish, dairy, honey, leather or any other animal-derived ingredients or materials). 

  • Must provide their own stamp, not greater than 1.5 by 1.5 inches in size, with the name and logo of their business.

  • Must be willing to stamp the Northwest VEG Passport of any customer who makes a purchase and presents their passport at time of purchase, and must be willing to train all customer-facing employees to do the same.

  • Must not provide more than one Passport stamp per person per day.

  • Must not charge customers for receiving a stamp above and beyond the normal price of food, goods, or services received, for participation in the Passport Program, for the Passport itself.

  • (Optional) May provide a discount or special offer for Northwest VEG Members or Passport holders.

Passport Partner Businesses will receive:

  • One FREE year as a NW Veg Passport Program partner, a business listing on the Northwest VEG Passport for all printings within the first year of the program, including your business name and contact information on the Passport, as well as space for your business’s stamp to be added.

  • Inclusion in email, social media, and print promotion of the program, including an email blast to our mailing list (9,000+ subscribers) with your business description consisting of up to 50 words (including contact information). The description will be provided by the business and is subject to revision by our editors.

  • Free delivery of printed Passports upon request for you to distribute to your customers.

Contact with any questions.