Business Policy

Northwest VEG interacts with businesses in a variety of ways: business membershipsVegFest sponsors and exhibitorsbusiness discountsdine-outs, our dining guide and restaurant listings, and at other events and outreach programs. The following describes the criteria of what businesses we choose to interact with.

Northwest VEG welcomes businesses who share and support our mission and the goals of our organization. We require that all products and materials used within our programs reflect these values:

  • All food, goods, and services promoted, sampled, displayed, or sold through Northwest VEG programs must be vegan (no meat, eggs, fish, dairy, honey, leather or any other animal-derived ingredients). Literature may not include suggestions, recipes, or references to using animal-based ingredients or products for consumption.
  • Businesses not engaged in food production, vegan products, or services may be considered if business practices are compatible with the environmental and compassionate components of the Northwest VEG mission.
  • Businesses that operate with a network or multilevel marketing approach may only sell or promote products and services within Northwest VEG programs. Such businesses may not sign up or recruit new marketers.
  • Northwest VEG reserves the right to decline any business interaction at any time at its discretion.

Apply to be a business member.