Current Volunteer Opportunities

restaurant guide editor

Do you like to keep current with all the new vegan restaurants that are popping up around town? Is researching in order to get all the facts right something you enjoy? Do you find that perfecting the layout of a document brings you deep satisfaction? Are you looking for a way to support the veg cause without leaving the comfort of your home? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we might just have the perfect volunteer position for you!

Come work with a small team to keep our quarterly Restaurant Guide up to date with all the latest info on which restaurants are vegan, gluten free, etc in Portland. The time commitment is only a few hours a month, and you can use your own computer.

Duties include: Keeping up with current veg restaurants in town; contacting restaurants to confirm veg status, address, hours, etc; updating Restaurant Guide and altering layout as needed to fit the format; sending files to the printer and coordinating the receipt of the finished documents.

Skills needed: Basic typing and editing using Word, attention to detail, research abilities, experience doing layout and design a big plus but not necessary.

Skills you will learn if you don’t already have them: Research, information management and collation, design/layout, professional communication skills.

Interested? Email us at to apply. 

SOCIAL MEDIA WIZARD - Twitter/Snapchat/Vegfest

Put all your internet savvy to good use and help us build our brand on social media.

Volunteers should: understand the benefits and risks of using Twitter for business (bonus points for Facebook/Instagram expertise), be able to commit to creating content and posting at least twice a week, and possess familiarity of the veg*n, environmental, and animal rights landscape in Portland and the surrounding areas in order to create relevant, compelling, and visually appealing content.

We're looking for someone with fresh eyes who knows how to manage a Facebook page and can commit to posting timely and relevant content with visual wow factor at least once every other day. Ideally it would be a mix of:

    • Food pics

    • Restaurant recommendations

    • Timely vegan/environmental topics and news stories

    • Relevant legislation that matches/supports our mission

    • Recipes

    • Cute animal pics with accompanying text regarding compassionate choices

    • Posts amplifying voices that are putting out solid content but not getting much traffic

    • Showcasing the diversity of people who are living a vegan life

    • Supporting other justice groups in solidarity

    • Promotions for upcoming Northwest VEG events and classes

    • Cross-promotions between our all of our IG accounts and FB accounts, both for Northwest VEG and VegFest

Email us at if this sounds like you. 


Do you like meeting new people? Are you passionate about promoting veganism? Come represent Northwest VEG at a farmer's markets, fairs, film screenings, etc! Talk to the community about Northwest VEG's upcoming events, answer questions about transitioning to a plant-based diet, direct people to appropriate resources, and let the community know how welcoming we are. No experience tabling events? Don't worry, we will train you and partner you with someone!

Volunteers should: have a positive and kind personality, be good with people and comfortable talking to strangers, have a mode of transportation that makes it easy to transport all tabling supplies to and from the event, have the ability to set up a folding table and 10x10 canopy if needed, and be able to approach challenging conversations with empathy and a deep desire to understand individual motivations and adjust pitch accordingly.

As an Outreach Volunteer, you will be encouraged to examine your choices and beliefs in regards to compassionate living and to deepen your understanding of the issues we are facing. You will be trained to address a wide variety of questions that may arise while you are doing outreach and representing Northwest VEG, and emerge feeling stronger and more confident in your ability to discuss veganism with a wide variety of people.

Email us at to find out more and get involved. 

Other Opportunities

NW VEG would not exist if not for our passionate and dedicated volunteers. Whether you're looking for a one-time project or a longer term commitment, there's a good chance we have a match for your interests, skills, and goals. Please email us at to get involved! 

  • Share a Proposal: Do you have an idea you'd like to see Northwest VEG implement? Fill out this initial proposal and send to our Executive Director Jaclyn for further discussion. We welcome your ideas!

  • Develop our Membership Incentive Program: Work with our Membership Committee to identify and approach restaurants and other veg businesses for potential NW VEG membership, plus aid in the expansion of discounts our current members receive.