Reasons to Eat a Plant-based Diet


For the Animals

You help save some of the more than 10 billion animals in the U.S. that are slaughtered for food each year. 

Select Resources: Alternatives to Animal TestingThe Animal Protection InstituteCompassion Over KillingFarm SanctuaryIn Defense of Animals, Mercy for AnimalsVegan Outreach

For the Planet

You help prevent pollution of water, air and land, and the destruction of forests for grazing.

 Select Resources: Center for Biological Diversity, Factory Farming Awareness CoalitionGreen Earth Travel

For Your Health

You significantly reduce your risk for a variety of diseases (such as heart disease, cancers & diabetes) and decrease your exposure to pesticides, hormones, and other harmful chemicals. 

Select Resources: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Vegan Health, The Vegan RD

for human rights

You support work toward ending global hunger, help minimize the air and water pollution adversely affecting those who live closest to the farms, and prevent factory farm workers from being treated inhumanely.

Select Resources: A Well-Fed WorldFood Empowerment ProjectInstitute for Humane EducationSistah Vegan (Dr. A. Breeze Harper)

For Your Soul

You adopt a more healthy, humane lifestyle which promotes love, compassion and nonviolence for all. 

Select Resources: Dharma Voices for AnimalsWorld Peace Diet