Tips for New Vegans — Compiled


We want you to be healthy and happy while learning how to become a vegan. As discussed by Jack Norris, Registered Dietitian and the President and Executive Director of Vegan Outreach, following a vegan diet can provide many health benefits. Vegans have a much lower risk of type-2 diabetes than do meat-eaters - in fact, it's not even close. Research has also shown that vegans have a slightly lower risk of cancer by virtue of our diets. Vegans also have, on average, lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and body fat.

Even though there are numerous benefits, there are also some important nutrition issues vegans should be aware of in order to thrive. These include making sure that our diets include sufficient calories, protein and fat, along with paying attention to our intake of vitamins and minerals.

We have compiled a number of short information pages based on the great nutrition information published by dietitians Virginia Messina RD, Jack Norris RD, and others: